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Guild News

Getting Closer to End Game

Tierney11290, Jan 19, 12 5:13 PM.
    Everyone is getting closer to the level cap and some of us are already there.   With this in mind, be sure to be thinking about what you would like to do end game.  This could be Raiding, PvP, Crafting or even leveling another character to explore more storyline.  If you do decide to do end game content such as Raiding and PvP, be sure to check out the poll in the forums tab (if you haven't already).  This poll will determine when we will be Raiding.  Currently Sunday evening is in the lead with Friday and Saturday right behind it.  If for some reason we do not have enough people for those nights, we will most likely be doing PvP.  Regardless, there will always be something to do those nights!
    Also keep in mind of what you would like to do in your off time in game.  A lot of people enjoy doing dailies.  Many dailies can be found on the planet "Ilum".  However, these dailies can only be accessed after you have gotten quests to go to that planet.  They will NOT unlock right after you hit the level cap (50).
    Many of our members have also maxed their crafting skills so be sure to update your skills in the Guild Assistance tab.  There, people can see what crafts you have, what level you are and you can even request a work order!  An example is currently in that section so you can take a look at that.  With work orders being put in, you must also make sure that you check every so often to see if anyone needs anything so you can fulfill that order.
    Most of all, be sure to have fun leveling and you don't have to rush.  Remember, this game has a decent story line!  Follow it and enjoy your experience!  We'll see you all at 50! 

Release/Raiding Times

Tierney11290, Dec 19, 11 7:59 PM.
    Release is here!  For those of you who did not preorder, you will now be able to play.  Some of you are new to MMO's, some of you are not.  Nonetheless, we are here to help each other out!  So if you need help, let someone in the guild know.   I know a lot of us have been leveling quick and are getting closer to the level cap each day, but most of us are willing to help you out even if you are planets away.

    Now that release is here, it is time to talk about Raiding and PvP!  Currently, there is a thread in the forum regarding raids/pvp.  You will also find a poll on what time you would like to raid.  The only way we can get a concrete raiding time(s) is if you vote!  So head over to the forum tab, check out the thread and vote!  Thanks for the participation on the website and in game so far.

Early Access Has Begun!

Tierney11290, Dec 15, 11 11:25 PM.
Early Access has finally begun and many of us have finally gotten in!  We are playing as the Republic on the Sword of Ajunta Pall server.  Although our access dates were somewhat scattered, we have started leveling and seem to be going off strong thus far.  BioWare has added a few updates since Beta and the game seems to be running much smoother!  If you are not currently registered with the website, be sure to do so that way you can access forums, see the roster and also see what crafts everyone will be doing.  Keep in mind that alternate characters can also be added to the website.  If you have any requests from anyone, don't hesitate to ask, we're here to help!  Just send mail via the website as well as in game.  Enjoy your time and welcome to the website!

Early Access Starts December 13th!

Tierney11290, Dec 8, 11 10:30 PM.
For those of you who preordered, you will have access to the game starting at 0700 CST starting on December 13th!  You should receive an email from Bioware stating you have Early Access and they will provide you with a link to download the full client.  Keep in mind if you played in the November 25th beta, you will NOT have to reinstall the game, only patch it.  We will post what server we will be on so stay alert on the website!  More activity please!

Welcome to the new Failing Elitists Website!

Tierney11290, Nov 18, 11 9:13 PM.
    Welcome to the new website!  It is not what we wanted originally but it will have to do.  We are hoping to make updates to the site daily.  If you would like more information on the guild or even an application, please contact any officers or even the guild leader. 
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